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Landscaping Service


How To Select A Landscape Contractor:

J Byrne Property Professionals want you to have confidence in knowing you’ve selected the best company for your landscaping needs. One of the top advantages of enhancing your home’s value with a new landscape, is that it allows your family the opportunity to spend outdoor time together in comfort and beauty!

As a member of the Horticultural Trades Association, we offer you the tools and resources to make an informed decision and suggest some specifics to helping you find the right company for your unique needs. We are confident you will find our rankings among the highest in the industry, making us right for any of your landscaping requirements.

Big or Small, J Byrne Property Professionals will work with you to meet your needs!

We build retaining walls, steps, curved walls, interlock and flagstone walkways, armour stone walls and steps and so much more. You can trust that we use only the best products, including Unilock, Hanson, Oaks, Newtonbrook and Envirosand – just to name a few!

Lawn & Garden Maintenance


As professionals in lawn care, we know that owning a lawnmower doesn’t necessarily make you a professional lawn cutter. Our clients enjoy professionally groomed lawns that do not look as if they were cut by, “the kid down the street”. . We also have pesticide free lawn care programs that include fertilizer, aeration and over-seeding. Our equipment consists of Stihl trimmers and blowers, Toro and Kubota Zero-turn lawnmowers. We also do tree trimming and tree and stump removal.




Foundation Waterproofing


We specialize in basement foundation waterproofing, using various membranes and weeping tiles, including Platon and Blueskin. Platon is a tough, waterproof, dimpled membrane that wraps around the house foundation to protect it from hydro-static water pressure, while still allowing drainage and air movement.

Blueskin is a self-adhering membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, the membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate between the membrane and the foundation wall.

Snow & Ice Management


As a full service 24-7 ice and snow management company, we have a variety of plows in all shapes and sizes, in order to accommodate snowplowing, snow removal and ice control. Byrne Property Professionals can look after your complete winter maintenance needs. We have specialized ice control teams to ensure the safety of all people who visit or live at your property at all times. We use equipment and products such as Boss V Plows, Avalanche Box Plows or Loaders, Fisher Sanders, Slicer Ice Melt, as well as a Beet Juice based Ice Melt.